AI Vtuber


About AI Vtuber

The AI Vtuber business utilizes Vtubers to promote products and services to achieve more effective and highly-engaging marketing than traditional promotional methods.

Why use AI?

Reduction of model production costs

To create Vtuber models, it is necessary to utilize software called “Live2D” for 2D and “Unity” for 3D.

However, the cost of producing models using these production methods is very high, requiring several million Japanese yen to produce a single model.

Therefore, the hurdle to produce and participate in Vtubers is very high.

However, by utilizing AI, it is possible to streamline the entire process from character creation to modeling.

By utilizing these latest technologies, it is possible to start a Vtuber business at a lower cost.

Difficult to create contents

Vtubers do not end with the creation of their models.
After creation, they must distribute their content on their official websites, social media, etc. in order to gain fans.

However, creating these contents requires a high level of knowledge and a lot of time.

We have developed a method to produce contents more efficiently by utilizing AI.